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Augmentation slot component mk 10

They are relatively easy and quick to obtain and will not drill a hole in your pockets.
Luxury Fabric, synthweaving, prototype, underworld Trading, cranoran Thread.
The Advanced (Purple) and Superior (Gold) are more expensive.Here are the crafting materials required: 3x Signal Disruptor (Slicing) 5x Code Recombinator (Slicing) 9x Special Crafted Item for the appropriate Crafting Profession 3x Encrypted Memory Core (Master Mode Operations, Command Crates) 4x Charged Matter Transubstantiator (Ranked PvP, Command Crates) How to get an Augmentation.There are 14 gear slots in total where Augments can be placed.They require Biochem 500 and L61 to wear.These Augments are available from the A Traitor Among the Chiss Flashpoint in its Veteran or Master Mode difficulty.These are all useable at L61.The jump in stats is noticeable, especially if you get 14 Augments for all of your gear pieces.Do Not Post: Trades or Looking to Buy/Sell.You now have an Augmentation Slot in this piece of gear.Gold (Superior) Highest and Best tier.
Drag the gear piece you want to Augment.
Implants/Earpiece Biochems can now craft new rating 200 and 208 implants while cybertech can craft new rating 200 and 208 earpeices.
They also drop in various locations.
However, they all now use Grade 9 Mats for both the blue and the purple version.
Item Modification Stations These are used to create in your gear Augment Slots via Augmentation Kits and then place Augments.
Do steps 1 to 6 for each piece of gear you want to Augment.Note: The images above are only informational.Modifications Rating 200 and 208 modifications can now be crafted by various crafting professions.April 27, 2019, april 28, 2019, april 29, 2019 Moderators u/bstr413 Star Forge u/AutoModerator u/xNimroder Erzengel @Tulak Hord u/swtorista u/CanadianWomble r/swtor Trust and Safety Team u/NikStalwart minoan bonus club card Joined the Dark Side before they had cookies.They require Cybertech 500 and L61 to wear.Name, type, crew Skill, quality, mission, node/Vendor.Try to stick to either the Purple or even better Gold Augments.Armguards (Armormech 520) 2 Zakuulan Durasteel, 2 Givin Hypercalculator, 2 Polished Aluminium Armor Assembly Component, 2 Vandinite Belt (Armormech 520) 2 Zakuulan Durasteel, 2 Givin Hypercalculator, 2 Polished Aluminium Armor Assembly Component, 2 Vandinite Boots (Armormech 530) 2 Zakuulan Durasteel, 2 Givin Hypercalculator, 4 Polished.In some cases your character may not require Augmenting, but if you can afford it, I highly recommend you place at least some low tier Augments in your gear.

There are three tiers (colors) of Augments: Green Lowest Tier per level, blue Mid-tier per level, purple (Advanced) High tier per level.