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Halo wars 2 bonus objectives a new enemy

Objective: Take out 10 targets with the Grenade special ability.
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Objective: Kill 40 squads with the Scarab The Scarab can eviscerate any foe, but its particularly lethal to infantry.
Objective: bing advertising sign in Kill the commanders within 10 minutes Your best bet for taking down the Brute Warlords early is to saturate their positions with Leader Power bombardment.Mission 5: Cartographer * Spoiler - click to reveal.While most of these campaign logs are unlocked simply by completing story missions and the like, some of them are scattered through the missions themselves.Simply move your cursor over to it and have your unit move there.Once youre ready, fight your way deucland lotto to the northern part of the map towards the beacon.Simply have one of your controlled units move through the log, or any other items you can pick up, to collect.Kill 5 Grunt squads with the.Mission 2: A New Enemy * Spoiler - click to reveal.A Lot Extra Achievement Guide, text Guides are complete so If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you asap.Make sure to get the first Phoenix Log located in the south-eastern corner of the map just after you destroy your first.
Grunt Birthday Party 2, this mission will teach you how to command multiple units and how to take over and build bases.
He can usually nail targets well before they can hit him back.
Construct your base according to what Cutter tells you to make, but once you get to build more freely, we recommend that you build turrets, another generator, and another supply pad.
Once youre ready, make your way to the next beacon.
Objective: Kill the scared Grunt before he flees.
Dont worry about enemies as theyll automatically be targeted by your allies.Maintain your distance from enemies to leverage the Snipers superior range and accuracy advantages.To boost its kill stats, keep the Scarabs primary focus on enemy infantry to which there is plenty.The big craft moves slowly, so if you see it drifting toward your units, you usually have time to maneuver them to safety.The Spirit of Fire rapidly drops a Turret from orbit with remarkable accuracy onto a spot you select.Head north of your base and you will find the enemies big base where it will constantly spawn squads.This first mission will teach you the basics of how to move around and command a unit.This will further increase your energy and supply gains so that you can always have enough of both to build up and reinforce yourself.

Wait until they are next to eachother then hit to slam on them.
Objective: Use Restoration Drones five times.
Objective: Keep the enemy from acquiring more than 700 tickets If you post a strong defense team at each control tower youve captured, youll deny the Banished any opportunity to gain Control Points (or tickets) for the amount of time they dominate a control tower.