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Paragon does crit bonus stack

Though if you'd like to elaborate based on a certain build, feel impair roulette free to do that also.
Whenever you enter a rage, you may spend any amount of Paragon Points.
You gain acid resistance.You count as your own Alignment for bypassing.Paragon Reflexes: When you spend Potential points in a Reflex save, double the bonus gained.Mountain Rage: You gain the powerful build special quality, and DR/- equal to half your.You are surrounded by winds which grant you a 20 miss chance against ranged weapons.Accelerated Metabolism: You gain immunity to poison and disease, and fast healing equal to half your.Burning Rage: Your body is wreathed in flames which shed light as a torch and add 1d8 fire damage to all your attacks.
Your Paragon level will also be visible to other players wherever your normal level is shown.
Any creature who strikes you with their body or a handheld weapon takes 1d6 points of cold damage.
I realize that this may vary by build but it would be nice to have at least a general idea of which categories are more helpful than others overall for.
You don't fail Fortitude saves in a natural 1 anymore, and you may atempt to resist non-damage harmful effects that wouldn't normally allow a save by suceeding on a Fort save with DC 101/2 HD attackerAttacker's Highest Stat Mod.
As a standard action you may spit a glob of acid as a ranged touch attack up rolex submariner poker to 5 feet per HD, dealing 1d6 points of acid damage per.
You may also spend paragon points as a free action to speed up its recovery at a rate of 1 point per round, or two paragon points to add one extra die of damage to damaging breaths.For every 4 points spent, you gain one of the following bonus, which applies while raging.Double the bonus you gain from using Potential points for Balance and Tumble checks.You may use shatter (CL HD) as a Extraordinary ability at will.Paragon Ability: When you pick this Excellence choose an ability with a save DC you have (cannot be spellcasting).Double the bonus you gain from using Potential points for Ride checks.Maximising your damage is easier for you - reduce the level modifier of the Maximise Spell metamagic feat by 1 (minimum 0 in the case of similar abilities then they become easier by an equivalent amount (Maximise Breath has its recharge time reduced.

Contributed by Prime32 Paragon Finesse: While you use a weapon in a single hand and nothing in the other, you add half your HD as a deflection bonus.
The DC of any concentration and tumble checks done by creatures threatened by you is increased by an amount equal to your.