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Ppo strip poker v8

ppo strip poker v8

Atom In 2011,what animal-centric film released a straight-to-DVD prequel subtitled The Puppy Years?
Legends OF THE fall Aggies, Immies,Shooters, and Swirls is the title of a coffee table book devoted to what childrens game?
2001 *correct* Which of these hit Tom Cruise films is famous for its somewhat gratuitous shirtless volleyball scene?Whammies The largest population of manatees in the.S.Machu picchu Native to Borneo, the proboscis monkey gets its name because the males have what distinctive body part?Railroad station Winner of seventeen James Beard awards, Saveur magazine primarily covers what topic?Aboveground What is the Brangelina-like nickname that tabloids use to refer to the young stars of the Twilight films?Arab spring Composed by a Mexican songwriter in 1941,the classic song Besame Mucho translates to what in English?Collegiate The Flemings and the Walloons are the two predominant cultural groups of what country?THE king ANriginally made in Canada, canola is a vegetable oil made from what crop?OLD clock Expressed using old-fashioned slang terms for money, which amount is equal to twenty dollars?Goosebumps In England, which of these common police detective duties is known as an identity parade?Station wagons A crate is hidden away in a large government warehouse describes the end of what adventure film?
Hanoi jane The Silver Bullet Band is the longtime backing band of what popular musician?
225,000 *correct* Which of these famous structures was completed most recently?
Senator had the floor for 3 minutes, how many total hours of speaking would ensue?
Birch corsica ferries billet jackpot Chronicling his 8,000-mile trek through South America, The Motorcycle Diaries is what famous figures mentor?
Crying In womens fashion, a bodice is a garment specifically designed to cover what part of the body?
Israel Two small antelopes can beat a big one is a traditional proverb in which of these countries?Dizzy gillespie Shirley Dinsdale, the first person to ever receive an Emmy Award, was what kind of entertainer?SHE wolf A sort of prequel to Sex and The City, The Carrie Diaries is a 2010 novel by what author?FAN What Las Vegas Strip casino was built by famed mobster Bugsy Siegel in the 1940s?Jimmy fallon May I have a large container of coffee?Brooch Often associated with weddings, an advanced notice stating the date of the big event is called a what?Addison montgomery According to a famous poem by John Keats, a thing of beauty is what?Lambeau field Sometimes taking human form, the smoke monster is a mysterious character on what TV drama?Arugula Which of these vegetables is commonly referred to as a spring onion or green onion?Patent titled Process of Preparing Gasified Candy?Roswell, NM Beverly Cleary is the author of a series of childrens books about the Quimby sisters, Beezus and whom?

Salem witch trials In the 1960s,the CIA reportedly tried to manufacture exploding cigars in order to assassinate what world leader?
Hoopla Introduced in 1913, what popular toy derives its name from the Roman god of love?