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Keep in mind that it's quite possible for a wandering stack to join you for greater glory if you have a sufficiently big army.
Let the red enemies clear them for you.Event In certain cases, you may get an event.I tried to recruite one lotto seel öffnungszeiten more hero and supply the first with halflings and/or medusas but I lost then 1-2 days.Day 4 Main hero moves south." - Mathias Ah yes, the "Corlagon Defeated" problem.Two heroes with Expert Estates are as valuable as a gold mine.Troll Bridge You can buy some trolls here after you fight them.Lightning bolt The best "direct" offensive spell that damages a single stack.7) The red sorceress opened the aqua-barrier for me and weakened the blue knight.Completed the Expansion Pack campaign maps Guide section.9) Lord Haart will attack the southeastern Necromancer castle (orange) on week 3 day.Finally, keep in mind that this spell doesn't work on undeads and Titans.
Don't forget the double-damage luck bonus possibility too ;-) 10) On poker news österreich this second island, there is an ore mine, a crystal mine and a very useful lighthouse.
7) By the end of Week 2 : upgrade to Rangers and attack the castle to your north.
And/or Two Phoenix (one will die, keep one alive for the second round anti-magic one the first round, Armageddon the second round.
Phoenixes have excellent damage rating - when blessed, they score about as well as dragons, definitely better than titans and bone dragons.
Speed baubles are a great item to have when you don't have Town Portal or Dimension Door!
The ideal setup could be another very fast army playing before the blackies.Concentrate your firepower As in most strategy games, even here works the approach of taking the enemies out one by one.Here is a handy little chart for determining which elemental is immune to which spell : elemental type spell immunities earth Lightning, Chain Lightning, Meteor Shower AIR Meteor Shower fire Fireball, Fireblast water Cold Ray, Cold Ring mirror image Also a very good spell which.This is one tip the AI doesn't get.Maybe I can get to the morale fountain and back before he attacks my castle).