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Optimus' sword was later redecoed/reused for Silverbolt and one of Timelines Oilmaster's weapons.
The Matrix of Leadership is now replaced with the "Silver Matrix" that does not accommodate Prime Masters/Matrices/Enigmas, with the entire accessory dipped in chrome.Year of the Horse Optimus Prime (2014) Released to celebrate Chinese New Year, Platinum Edition "Year of the Horse" Optimus Prime is a redeco of MP-10 Convoy, featuring darker reds and gold-chromed parts, among other deco changes.It is a simplified version of the original Combat Deck, lacking features like the interior deco and the lift arm of the artillery robot, but still nonetheless looking fairly accurate to the original toy.This mold was also used to make Generations Nemesis Prime, and retooled into Huffer and Autobot Pipes.Like most Spychangers, he features high speed axles and can roll very well across smooth surfaces, but lacks the weight to propel him quickly.Additional missiles and a second rocket are stored in grooves inside the sides of the trailer.He includes a blue version of one of the Ultimate Class version's gun.The cab transforms into the robot mode of Optimus Prime himself, with the addition of a pair of removable blue fists that plug into his headlights.(Basic versus two-pack, 1996) Japanese ID number: C-6 I'm Batman, and I can breathe in space.Optimus also has a (non-detachable) matrix gimmick in robot mode that is formed by a relief pattern on the inside of the cab's side windows and is visible through the windshield/chest in robot mode.His original trailer is not included with the set; instead, he comes with a new deluxe-scaled trailer, not available with any other figure, based on the one towed by Prime in Dark of the Moon.Additionally this version features transparent plastic for his body armor amongst other plastic changes.
Santa Claus and the Stolen Gifts Sora SAS Anti Terror Force SAS: Secure Tomorrow SAS: Zombie Assault 4 Satanica Satanist Satellite Command Satellite Reign Satisfactory Saturday Morning RPG Saturday Night Speedway Saucer-Like Sauerbraten Sauerbraten: Justice Edition Savage Savage Arena Savage Lands Savage Resurrection Savant.
The Microcarrier also spins a gun turret con quest poké con 1 password mounted between the conveyors, on which Micromaster figures can stand.
Convoy (atmos safari duck camo Ver.) (2019) Japanese ID number: MP-10ASD (?) Accessories: Ion Blaster, Matrix of Leadership, Energon axe Exclusive to Japanese Atmos stores?
He comes with no Kreons.Commercial.010.4, the 11th Hour, trilobyte 1997, adventure, commercial.5 2K5.In 1984, Joustra released their own version (still with Diaclone sticker on the trailer) as part of their Diaclone line in Europe, either simply called Truck (according to the pack-in catalog) or Diaclone (in the pack-in comic).It was limited to 48 units total, and was limited to one per customer.A packaging error resulted in some releases of this set to come with the promotional "Matrix chest" Optimus (see above) rather than the normal version pictured here.

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