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To binge перевод

'bringue' also found in translations in English-French dictionary to paint the town red exp.
Rap God, Ems 2013 single that was a d2d roulette ru major success and considered by many to be a lyrical masterpiece.Jeudi soir, j'ai fait la bringue.Slang) tremendous (informal) wonderful 11 absolute, arrant, complete, consummate, downright, egregious, flagrant, out-and-out, perfect, positive, thoroughgoing, thundering (informal) total, unmitigated, unqualified, utter.Toute la ville fait la bringue.The whole town's on a binge.Slang) immense, large, mammoth, prodigious, stellar (informal) stupendous, tremendous, vast, voluminous 2 extended, lengthy, long, prolonged, protracted 3 big-time (informal) capital, chief, grand, head, lead, leading, main, major, major league (informal) paramount, primary, principal, prominent, superior 4 considerable, decided, excessive, extravagant, extreme.On a fait la bringue avec Kushal.And Im talkin' job spielhallenaufsicht hamburg to you, but you already know who the fuck you are, Kelly.Go on a spree faire la bringue.On, not Alike, Em raps: He wants to keep up his tough demeanor.Lil Pumps hit song, gucci Gang : So finger-bang, chicken wang, MGK, Iggy zae.Eminem s disses from his surprise 2018 album, Kamikaze.
Antonyms 1 diminutive, little, small 5 inconsequential, inconsiderable, insignificant, petty, trivial, unimportant 6 average, inferior, poor, secondary, second-rate, undistinguished, unnotable 7 base, ignoble, inhumane, hateful, mean, unkind 9 inexperienced, unskilled, untrained 10 bad, terrible, weak.
Kamikaze, The Ringer, rhyming MGKs name with, iggy Azaleas, another artist he has beef with.
Paint the town red, uK fam.
The name-drop is included in a line mocking the flow.Eminem also name-dropped Kelly on the first track.Translation French - English Collins Dictionary bringue.Ceux-là, ils reviennent d'une semaine de bringue.To party faire la bringue.